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Solar Mounting Systems

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There are a variety of solar mounting systems available to meet the needs of your solar project. Resource Energy Group is committed to using the highest quality racking and mounting equipment to ensure optimal functionality of your solar panel system. Below are the types of mounting systems offered.
  • Ground Mount System – Panels are mounted to the ground near to your building or source of power intake. This system is desirable when a building lacks roof space or simply for aesthetic purposes. Soil testing must be completed prior to installation.
  • Pole Mount System – Similar to ground mounts without the addition of the framing system. Your solar panels will be attached to the top or side of the mounting pole and allow for hands-on or motorized adjustment.
  • Roof Mount System – The most common solar panel mounting system, the slanted roof mount is both cost effective and rather straightforward when it comes to installation.
Store Home   »   Solar Mounting Systems

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