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An Off Grid Inverter is ideal for areas where the main power grid is unavailable or too costly to connect to. These inverters allow users to power their building by transforming low-voltage direct current that is gathered from your solar panels into high-voltage alternating current, which is required when powering commercial or residential properties. The potential economical benefits of installing solar panels with an off grid inverter could be significant to business and homeowners alike. Another benefit of an Off Grid Inverter is its ability to provide emergency backup energy to homes that are already tied into a main power grid.

For a large selection of solar inverters, Resource Energy Group is the professionals’ choice with unbeatable wholesale pricing. Because of our close direct relationship with the manufacturers, our competitors cannot even come close to matching our low, low prices. We work directly with Fronius and SMA America to bring you an extensive line of the best inverters available.


Fronius Inverters interact well with all solar modules and are highly efficient and reliable. Keeping on the cutting edge of solar technologies, Fronius leads the way with the newest technologies and solutions. From large to small, Resource Energy Group is your industry connection for these top-tier inverters.


SMA America's line of Sunny Boy Solar Inverters is the world's most popular solar inverter line. Leading the way in durability and efficiency, Sunny Boys are the most versatile inverters on the market. With multiple levels of power classes the Sunny Boy line is the right solution for any instillation. Resource Energy Group is your partner for the best pricing on Sunny Boy's diverse inverter line.
Store Home   »   Off Grid Inverters

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