Colorado structure waterproofing, drainage and spill containment

Waterproofing Membranes, Drainage, and Prevention of Groundwater Leaks

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Resource Energy Groups line of waterproofing membranes and drainage composites are proven to lengthen a building's service life and increase owner value by relieving underground hydrostatic pressure and resisting the penetration of ground water into a structure.

Hot-Applied Waterproofing Membrane is a single-component, rubberized asphalt compound that forms a tough, flexible, thick waterproofing membrane. CCW-500 adheres tenaciously to virtually any sound surface, vertical or horizontal, to ensure water will not migrate beneath the membrane in the event of physical damage. The fast setup time speeds the completion of the waterproofing. CCW-500 Hot-Applied Liquid Membrane is applied in a thick, monolithic coating utilizing CCW Reinforcing Fabric, which allows for a wide variety of substrate conditions.

CCW-500 is used for waterproofing split-slab construction projects and is well suited as the waterproofing membrane on roof decks using the inverted roof membrane assemblies and green roof systems.
Colorado structure waterproofing spill containment and drainage solutions

Return on Investment

Waterproofing solutions in western colorado - structure drainage and spill containment
Through increased energy efficiency and durability, REG's Solutions provide significant cost savings and dramatic returns on investment, enabling building owners to realize significant savings in long-term maintenance costs. Independent studies suggest ROI in as little as 18 months time, and with rising energy costs, the continued savings from an energy-efficient building are immeasurable.

Energy Savings

Carlisle provides details for the NVELOP roof, wall and below-grade systems based on your building's location, complete air and moisture barrier, and includes high-performing, continuous insulation. A study completed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)* in 2005 indicated that minimizing air leakage in a building envelope resulted in annual savings of up to 37 percent. As energy prices continue to rise, this percentage cannot be ignored.
Carlisle waterproofing in Colorado
Resource Energy Group's roofing, insulation and waterproofing division offers a unique combination of experience and innovation, providing the highest quality in both products and services. Resource Energy Group and Carlisle products enable you to create a building envelope system that will provide superior performance and protection against severe weathering conditions.

With more than 45 years of combined roofing and waterproofing experience, Resource Energy Group can help you create a comprehensive, code-compliant building envelope that meets even the most specific requirements. Our seasoned professionals have researched, developed and tested every product and component to ensure that they are fully compatible and able to provide the performance you want and need. Resource Energy Group's product suppliers also offer on-site technical assistance in the US so you can be sure that your system is being installed right the very first time.
Spill containment and waterproofing in Colorado

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