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Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

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Why solar water heating?

Save money:

Hot water heating (on average) accounts for 26% of your annual energy bill. With a REG Solar Thermal system you could generate enough solar energy to heat 70% of your hot water, FREE, year after year! With a 35+ year life expectancy, the savings are very big and payback can be between 8 and 12 years on a home system.
Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating solutions in Western Colorado
Solar thermal is the most mature solar technology and has provided households with an affordable means for domestic water and space heating as well as cooling. It accounts for the lion's share of the total solar market, but receives less attention than the more technical photovoltaic (PV) solar sector, which converts sunlight directly into electricity using solar cells.

Colorado Aspen Grand Junction and Glenwood Solar Thermal Hot Water Heaters
Help the environment:

Heating your hot water is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Carbon pollution is causing global warming. Your REG solar system can save tons of carbon dioxide per year, depending on the fossil fuel displaced.

Our panels work on a carbon zero rating, emitting no carbon pollution and no harmful greenhouse gases whatsoever.

Of course, energy was used to make the panels, but even this is recovered after only 2 years use.

Resource Energy Group will make sure you get the right system because we do all design and engineering "in house!" We specialize in Residential and High output Commercial Systems!
Solar Thermal Hot Water Heaters in Western Colorado

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