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Colorado Remote Monitoring Systems

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Resource Energy Group offers a variety of Monitoring Solutions from Portable to Stationary RMUs.

Remote monitoring increases the access to many types of industrial equipment that perform essential functions in the day to day operations . REGs cellular telemetry solutions can be used on stationary equipment such as generators, pumps, chillers, tanks, electrical and HVAC systems.

Owners and responsible personnel need REGs remote monitoring systems to receive immediate details about problems with their equipment, and the location of the equipment that needs service. Even when equipment is functioning properly, interested personnel need information from a remote monitoring system to stay informed of their equipment status and location.
Remote Equipment Monitoring Colorado
Colorado equipment remote monitoring
Remote monitoring also provides easily accessible history of all data from past status reports. Important decisions can be made based on operating intelligence from telemetry monitoring equipment to allocate limited mobile resources. If dealing with an emergency or disaster situation that calls for efficient logistics, quick decisions can be made to utilize the resources available, and data and reports can be provided to a business or government at any particular moment in time.

Live data visualization enables equipment owners and operators to spot trends before they become problems and confirm equipment health and performance. Calendars to the left of the graph enable an easy to use date selection tool to narrow or expand the range of displayed data.

No software to buy, install or maintain -
All mapping and data features are accessible over the monitoring web site from any computer with Internet access.
Natural Gas Remote Monitoring Systems in Western Colorado
Proactive service reminders are automatically generated and sent as equipment reaches service intervals based on run-time. Service logs and manuals available over the monitoring web site reduce paperwork and automate record keeping while providing up to the minute service records for all of your monitored equipment.

Whatever your monitoring needs are Resource Energy Group can help build the right equipment.

Emails and text messages are sent to phones and computers whenever the status of your equipment changes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Status alarms, updates, power failure notifications, and more. Get real time status updates and alarms from your industrial equipment that will help you keep important equipment in top form. Run reports at any time on your computer using the included monitoring website.

We also offer FLIR and Video Solutions! Call for Details
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