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Colorado Air Quality Monitoring

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Resource Energy Group, specializes in the manufacture, installation and supply of quality, reliable safe equipment for environmental studies. The objective of the Company is to supply products that are fit for use and have the desired quality in accordance with customer requirements and published specifications.

Specialized Monitoring Capabilities

REG has specialized monitoring capabilities for evaluations of ambient concentrations and sources of air toxics, measurements of air emissions from municipal and hazardous waste landfills, Oil & Gas development, assessments of outdoor environments, and chemical characterization.

Our customers expect safe, reliable, and optimum cost products delivered on time. REG is totally committed to satisfying customer expectations by implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System based on ISO9002. Quality problems arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with speed, technical efficiency, and economy. We shall focus our resources, both technical and human, towards the prevention of quality deficiencies to satisfy the organizational goal of "right the first time, right every time." The successful operation of the system relies upon the cooperation and involvement of personnel at all levels. Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued success of our Company and the satisfaction of customers and staff.

Technical Service & Order Placement

REG provides you with answers! Phone or e-mail your questions or comments to our Technical Service Department. Skilled technicians are available to process your order for standard equipment or help you design custom equipment to meet your exact specifications. Credit card orders are accepted with no minimum. We stand ready to help you with: involving applications such as: Air monitoring instruments detect and monitor a variety of gases, chemicals, and particulates in ambient air. Ambient air monitoring equipment includes photoionization detectors (PIDs), flame ionization detectors (FIDs), single-gas meters, and multi-gas detectors. Air monitoring instruments can be used in landfill monitoring, volatile organic compound (VOC) detection, confined space entry, and process area monitoring.
Remote Air quality monitoring station on post

Air quality monitoring methane sensor

Testing Equipment

The Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is an all-in-one wireless turnkey solution for proactive or emergency response area monitoring for chemical and/or radiological threats. This RDK includes 4 AreaRAE units each configured with a 10.6eV photoionization lamp and lower explosive limit (LEL), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensors, a RAELink2 repeater, 4 spare Lithium Ion battery packs, an external 4-bank charger, 4 alkaline adapters, a SensorRAE for proper sensor storage and various accessories. The AreaRAE units are equipped with a 900 MHz internal wireless radio frequency modem, which makes the system capable of transmitting data and system information in a real-time format to a remote base controller. The host controller uses ProRAE Guardian software to monitor the AreaRAE detectors (up to 64 AreaRAEs) at a distance up to 2 miles away.

The AreaRAE Rapid Deployment Kit is shipped in a self-contained military-grade case; this makes for easy transport and easy deployment to areas of concern. It is rated intrinsically safe for Class I Division 2 hazardous environments.

Applications TE-HA771 Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Continuous hydrocarbon analyzer utilizing hydrogen flame ionizing detection method (FID) in compliance with JIS B 7956.

Features: air quality monitor flow rate

air quality monitoring in Colorado

air quality control

air quality monitor hydrocarbon analyzer

Laser Diode Technology

Solving your gas measurement challenges with innovative, easy-to-integrate OEM sub-systems and components with Swiss Made quality and precision. Gas monitoring and control plays an important role in making our environment cleaner and our lives safer.

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) have specialized in providing systems for emission & environmental monitoring, analytical instrumentation and safety installations. REG provides innovative sub-systems and components to make these instruments better.

We increase performance, reliability and cost effectiveness - or simply enable new applications for our OEM customers.

Our product range includes ultra-compact, highaccuracy and fast response mass-flow meter and controller modules, rugged infrared light sources for advanced gas sensing applications in the midinfrared, and highly selective laser gas detector modules based on tunable diode laser spectrometry.

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Stable and accurately controlled gas flows are vital for analytical instruments because they directly influence overall performance. Good examples are the carrier gas flow control in Gas Chromatographs (GC) and the inert or reactive gas control in Thermo-gravimetric Analysis (TGA).

The need for high repeatability is a common requirement for most analytical instruments. Further demanding requirements from instrument manufacturers include: "In analytical instrumentation applications, Axetris's Mass Flow Controllers provide unsurpassed value in terms of precision and response time"

All types are multi-gas and multi-range capable. Market leading repeatability and fast reaction time of our in-house fabricated MEMS based sensing element allows for fast and precise gas flow control, even when disturbance variables are present (for example pressure pulses).

The unsurpassed high turn down ratio of 1:2'000 allows measuring and controlling a broad range of flows and gases with one single unit.

The products are available for Air, N2, O2, Ar, CO2, He, H2 and for flow rates from 10 to 3'000 sccm (full scale, N 2 equivalent).

Infrared sources for gas detection

REGs Infrared source is a preferred component for optical infrared analysers used in life saving medical instruments, automotive emission control devices and in demanding, safety-relevant applications in the oil & gas industry.

Further applications include water analysis, Air Quality testing and Chemical monitoring. Integration into optical gas detection systems using nondispersive infrared absorption (NDIR), photo acoustic (PAS) or attenuated total reflection (ATR) techniques allow the monitoring of gases such as CO2, CO, CH4, C2H4, NH3, H2S, SF6, NOx, SOx, CS2, VOC's, H2O, N2O and many others.

The IR source is a hip-based black body emitter with broadband emission (2 to 14 μm), high mechanical stability, high emissivity, low power consumption and long lifetime (>10 years). The exceptional modulation speed of up to 100 Hz and high modulation depth is a result of the low thermal mass of the heated micromechanical ceramic membrane.

REG offers a wide range of packaging options such as protective caps or reflectors combined with either sapphire or CaF2, BaF2 or Germanium windows. Custom beam shaping solutions and support from Axetris' optical- and application engineering team enables system solutions, which are superior in terms of signal-to-noise, power efficiency and lifetime of the device.

Laser Diode Gas Detectors

Laser gas detection, based on Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry or TDLS, provides a solution to many challenges in environmental gas monitoring and process control.

REG uses proprietary technology-enhanced TDLS for gas detection, where a 0.1 nm narrow bandwidth diode laser beam is scanned across an absorption band of the target gas, thus performing a high-resolution nearinfrared absorption measurement.

The technology is an innovative alternative to sub-optimal traditional detection technologies and offers unique advantages like precise optical, contact-less laser-based measurements, excellent target gas selectivity and ppm-level detectivity for gases such as CH4, NH3, H2O and CO2. The LGD is a perfect tool and cost effective solution for OEM integrators active in emission control and environmental monitoring and allows for simple integration due to its self-contained and standalone system design. It also offers hot-gas measurements up to 190°C, which is particularly important in de-NOx installations where selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is used to monitor environmentally harmful NH3 slip.

The LGD covers further gas monitoring & detection applications in combustion control, leak detection, greenhouse gas monitoring (CH 4), safety and many more.

"REG allows system integrators to access innovative laser gas detection technology"

REG is serving OEM customers with micro technology based infrared light sources, laser gas sensors, flow sensors & controllers and micro-optical components used in industrial, telecom, environmental, medical and automotive applications.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams combine broad experience in design, manufacturing and metrology from microchip to advanced electronic modules.

REG supports its customers in many industries with in-depth application know-how.

Customers benefit from excellent product value, consistent high product quality and outstanding customer support.
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